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The  Graduate Student Writing Bootcamp

Have a submission deadline coming up?


Do you have a project that has been languishing on your computer for months?

Are you feeling lost about what to include in your article?


The Graduate Student Writing Boot Camp is a 4-week program that is designed to ensure researchers complete projects that have been languishing on their computers. This course is ideal for students who are prepared to complete an article, a chapter, or a prospectus. Preparation is indicated by having completed readings with a set of comprehensive bibliographical notes, and/or collected data that is IRB compliant, if needed.  

Students are given step by step scaffolded online writing instruction that is provided through a combination of: video lessons, multiple strategies and templates, and six assignments students will master during their induction into academic writing.

 Thank you so much for your encouragement and feedback. My advisor really liked my chapter 5 findings and said it was well written. I couldn't honestly have moved forward without you. Thank you Kenya!

Kaozong Mouavangsou,

Doctoral Candidate,

University of California, Davis

Learning on your schedule, at your fingertips.

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Syllabus Overview​

  • Writing Jumpstart  ($1997 value)

  • Rough Draft Writing Week ($499 value)

  • Strategies for Sophisticated Writing ($1,997 value)

  • Strategies for One and Done Revisions ($997 value)

Each weekly module features in-depth video lectures that describe how to execute the rhetorical moves of academic writing across each discipline.  You won't find these exclusive videos and information anywhere else!

Independent Study

If you are a self-starter who needs targeted lessons you can access at your convenience, the Independent Study Writing Bootcamp is the right fit for you. Right now, the Independent Study 4 week Boot Camp is available for  $299!  Click here if you're motivated to complete a POLISHED draft of your paper, article, prospectus, or chapter in the next MONTH.



Click here to enroll!!

Future Leaders & Professors...

The Original Graduate Writing Bootcamp is a rare opportunity to work one on one with Dr. Kenya Mitchell, taking your paper from start to finish.  When you enroll in the Traditional Bootcamp Course you'll receive:

  • Written and verbal feedback on EVERY assignment in the course ($1599 value).

  • Weekly accountability phone calls, emails and texts from Dr. Mitchell ($999 value).

  • Follow up, progress, and mentorship calls after the bootcamp (Priceless).

Cost $1999

If you are ready to take your writing to the next level through the Original Bootcamp course, please click here to schedule a breakthrough call:


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