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Dissertation Lab Welcome & Forthcoming Lectures

As we move deeper into the Fall term, students need even more support to finish their chapters, articles, and coursework before the finals crunch time. Our team here at The Done Dissertation is pleased to announce we've created a new app to meet students' needs during this critical time - The Dissertation Lab. The Dissertation Lab is currently available through the Google Play and Apple Stores.

If you're already reading this post from the app itself, we welcome you to the app, and thank you for being an early adopter. We want to give you insight on the forthcoming lectures, so you can keep an eye out for the resources you need or prepare yourself to work on those future topics. Below is the lecture schedule for the next 3 months:


  1. The Ultimate Strategy for Writing A Chapter in A Month

  2. The Connection Between Methods and Research Questions


  1. The "Schedule Everything" Time Management Strategy

  2. Pinpointing & Articulating Findings Themes Within Data


  1. Managing Toxic Advisors and Peers

  2. Using Literature to Explain Methodology

If you need access to these and other lectures but haven't downloaded the app, please download it ASAP. These lectures will only be available on the app, and more lectures will be added monthly. If you need a lecture that's tailored to your current challenge, please join our Facebook group and create a post or message Dr. Mitchell with your challenge. We will add your lecture suggestion to our video schedule if it is not already listed. We're here to support you! Good luck with your work this fall!

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