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Here's what no one else will tell you.  The critical keys to finishing a dissertation, thesis, or article are maintaining your excitement about your research topic and translating that excitement through the page to your readers.


The Done Dissertation: Get Results, Get to Graduation and Get a Jump Start on Your Career is a semester or quarter long program that walks you step by step through the ENTIRE research, publication or dissertation completion process while keeping your motivation strong. Here's how the system gets you to do that:


1. Diagnose Your Working Life.


We will examine where you are in your writing and the challenges you are experiencing that impact your writing. Work creep, nasty major advisors, a lack of self-care, and family time seem to collide in graduate school.  That said, work-life balance doesn't need to be a myth. I will show you how to thrive in the academy through boundary setting, effective negotiation with higher-ups and collaborative strategies.


We will also uncover your writing history and where you visualize yourself as an academic writer in the future. We will put writing systems into place that work with your life and habits that are based on what we uncover. Those systems will help you manage data, literature, writing time, and any unexpected hurdles that come your way as you write.


2. Structure Your Writing.


This piece is critical - you will learn how to save time by planning well. Learn the different types of dissertation formats for your discipline to ensure your writing skills are highlighted by the writing genre.  We will also overview components of the different sections of your piece to create comprehensive outlines that serve as plug-and-play templates for your entire piece.


3. On-ramps for Writing.


Never stare at a blank page again! Learn how to use documents you already have on your computer as on-ramps to quickly finish each section. You will come to realize recycling documents is how savvy academics finish work rapidly.


4. Project Your Voice Powerfully.


Sometimes we’re so bombarded with the voices of authors we’ve read, those voices overtake our own in our writing. Learn how to write in your own, true to life voice while integrating knowledge from authors you admire.  You will also improve your writing on the sentence and paragraph level.

5. Impactful Data Analysis

Describe your findings in ways that make your research come to life for readers and other researchers in your field. Learn the secrets to positioning your work as cutting- edge research.


6. Mic Drop Conclusions

Make your piece unforgettable by ending on a powerful note.  Learn how to highlight your findings while showing the implications in your field and what society at large can take away from your work.


7. One and Done Revisions


Learn techniques to get the most out of feedback sessions and to integrate feedback quickly for painless revisions. Forget about multiple rounds of editing - we will make sure you get it done by teaching you to view your chapters the way another researcher would.


8. Submission and Approval


Polish your final drafts and get your dissertation signed in record time by using tried and true “cat herding” strategies.  


9. From Dissertation to Publication


You’ve worked hard on this, now learn how to make the dissertation work for you by turning it into publishable articles!  This quick turn-around is a sure fire way to build your CV and get the jump on your future academic career!


Does this really work?


YES YES YES! The result of our work will be the improvement of writing skill.  On top of that, imposter syndrome will dissipate, and your academic confidence will soar.  Please review the testimonials on this site to see what others have said about my work.

What results can I expect?



By the end of the program, all students will:



  • Learn effective resource reading and annotation skills for literature review building.

  • Learn how to analyze, not summarize, literature.

  • Learn how to identify gaps in the literature.

  • Learn how to develop and refine research questions based on gaps in the literature.

  • Learn the rhetorical moves of academic writing and how those moves shift from discipline to discipline.

  • Learn how to use previously created documents as jump off points for more extensive pieces.

  • Learn how to employ strategies, systems, technology, and templates to create a complete first draft.

  • Learn proofreading strategies.

  • Learn how to get effective feedback from professors and advisors.

  • Learn publication strategies. 

  • Learn to balance their work and personal life.

  • Complete a submittable polished draft by the end of the program.

  • See an immediate improvement in their linguistic dexterity.  

  • End Imposter Syndrome

  • Alleviate stress.

  • Deepen their connection with their advisors.

  • End depression and shame around graduate school.

  • Rapidly complete drafts of their documents.

  • Feel empowered and excited about your academic career.

  • Learn how to say NO to work that doesn’t serve them.

  • Participate in a writing community that will support their process.

  • Learn to appreciate where they are as a writer.

  • Build their strengths as writers and researchers.

  • Integrate their real voice in your academic work.

  • End the shame around unfinished work.

  • Gain unshakable confidence in their writing.

  • Learn proven techniques for releasing their internal resistance and self-sabotaging tendencies, so they can take action.

  • Learn how to successfully write academic pieces rapidly throughout their career.

Dr. Mitchell is currently not taking one on one students.  If you'd still like to experience the system, please join our FREE Facebook Group here, or pre-purchase the Dissertation Lab app here

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