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Are you exhausted from spinning your wheels while writing your dissertation?

Do you feel like you will never finish graduate school?

Do you wish you had access to an evidence-based course that could guide you step by step through the dissertation process?

If you’re ready to release the stress around your dissertation and reclaim your life, you need The Dissertation Lab app right now. For less than the cost of a pizza each month, you can step up your writing game, rapidly finish each chapter, and experience the joy of graduating with your doctorate degree.

In an academic market filled with pricey coaches and courses, The Dissertation Lab app stands out from the rest because it:

  • Has been peer-reviewed by tenure track professors and graduate students like you.

  • Was developed by an award-winning, published researcher.

  • Is based on The Done Dissertation's Signature Mentorship Program.

  • Saves you hundreds and even thousands of dollars on pricey courses and coaches.  

  • Delivers over 45 tried and true research-based lessons and assignments to supercharge your writing. 

  • Constantly evolves with new lessons added each month.

  • Gives you the freedom to learn whenever and wherever you want. Say goodbye to appointments, classes, and Zoom calls.

  • Was created with graduate students' budgets in mind.


The Dissertation Lab App is the most affordable and comprehensive dissertation support tool on the market. This combination of affordability and expert teaching isn’t just a fluke — it is by design.   Until now, access to quality dissertation coaching has been limited to students who are privileged enough to afford the cost of hiring a private instructor.  The Dissertation Lab levels the playing field by meeting the needs of students from underrepresented and working class backgrounds who need support the most, but also need to stick to their budgets. 

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In app you will learn:


  • The secrets to completing a chapter in a month.

  • The hidden rhetorical moves for each chapter and how to execute them.

  • How to measure your writing speed to create effective writing schedules.

  • Strategies to master discipline specific language and incorporate it in your writing.

  • Research and annotation skills for literature review building.

  • Strategies to boost writing motivation.

  • How to analyze, not summarize, literature and findings using metacognitive strategies.

  • How to identify gaps in the literature.

  • Way to develop and refine research questions based on gaps in the literature.

  • How rhetorical moves shift from discipline to discipline.

  • Organizational strategies for sections and chapters. 

  • The rhetorical moves of academic writing through prewriting assignments.

  • To use previously created documents as jump off points for more extensive pieces.

  • Strategies, systems and templates to create complete drafts.

  • Proofreading strategies.

  • Sentence revision for precise message projection. 

  • How to get effective feedback from professors, advisors, and peers.

  • Publication strategies.

  • The art of one and done revisions.

  • To complete a polished draft for each chapter. 

  • How to manage your time, your professors and your work-life balance.

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About the Developer

The Dissertation Lab was designed by Dr. Kenya Mitchell, a writing researcher, author, and a 2020 University of Colorado, Denver Digital Pedagogy Lab Fellow.  Since 2019,  Dr. Mitchell has provided one on one dissertation consulting through The Done Dissertation to countless students in the United States, Canada, South Africa and the Philippines. Dr. Mitchell has also provided consultation to numerous professors, and led a dissertation group boot camp at The University of California, Davis. Dr. Mitchell’s independent research on underrepresented graduate students’ writing needs led her to make her curriculum more accessible through the app. Please go to if you'd like to learn more about Dr. Mitchell.


Terms of Service & Privacy Policy


The Dissertation Lab app is a monthly subscription app that can be canceled at any time. The app's subscription, cancellation, and refund policies are in accordance with the Google Play and the Apple stores' subscription, cancellation, and refund policies. Those policies can be found here for Google and here for Apple. 




It may be necessary for you to share sensitive and confidential information to log on to this app via Google Play or the App Store. The Done Dissertation LLC only collects data about user experiences within this app or contact information via the Facebook Group, but not any additional information, such as personal contacts. We use this information to maximize your success with the app, to share news about the app, and to improve or develop new pedagogies.  Your consent will be verified before using information for a purpose other than those set out in this Privacy Policy.

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