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The Done Dissertation offers programs for diverse students to get research and experience based writing support no matter what their economic backgrounds are. This multi-tiered program approach takes elements of privilege out of my consulting practice so students can find support at a level that is comfortable for them.

Keep scrolling to get details on each program and to learn how you can participate in the program of your choice.

Free Tools

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Low Cost Programs

One on One Writing Feedback

Writing Feedback is available for individuals who have completed drafts of their project (a chapter, article, prospectus, graduate school application essays, etc.) and would like feedback. There is a 30 page maximum for each tutoring session. 

One on One Writing Feedback Consists of the Following Process:

  1. Students submit their work for assessment.

  2. An overall diagnosis of issues is given in a half hour Breakthrough Call.

  3. Dr. Mitchell gives written comprehensive feedback and instruction on the document via Google Docs.

  4. Dr. Mitchell and the student discuss the feedback during a 1 hour phone session. 


  • Take the guesswork out of revising your document.

  • Avoid multiple rounds of revision

  • Submit a complete document in days, not weeks. 

Price: $199

Click here to schedule an appointment. 

I did not fully understand the process of writing a thesis and essentially learned through the trials and errors of drafting my chapters. I did receive some guidance and feedback from my advisors, but still wasn’t clear on what my thesis should look like. The writing process of how to organize and outline my chapters and paragraphs was never taught or explained to me.

Kenya was able to support my writing process providing me with a helpful guideline on how to organize each paragraph of my thesis, which helped my writing to be easily understood. Additionally, she provided detailed notes and strategies on how to improve my writing. Kenya’s support helped me to better understand and organize my ideas and to really focus my paragraphs to one specific topic. I found it very helpful to have someone to provide me with strategies and tips to support my writing. I appreciate all of the support Kenya provided for my endeavors in graduate school.

Krystal Anderson, MA Special Education, 2018


The Four Week

Writing Boot Camp

Are you feeling down about how long it is taking you to write your chapter, article or prospectus?

Forget the myth that writing has to take forever.  Nothing could be further from the truth! In this boot camp you will learn the secret strategies prolific writers use to quickly finish chapters and articles that need little or no revisions!

This complete online course may be taken with Dr. Mitchell or through independent study. Click here to get more information about the bootcamp! 



I worked with Kenya in her Writing Bootcamp during the summer and I got a lot of help from that program. I got a lot of specific advice on the structure of the thesis and wording issues. I’m a foreigner and I have language issues, so that’s quite important for me.


Kenya is a great writing teacher because she does not only teach you writing itself, she also teaches you how to organize your writing time around your daily schedule. That’s also important for me because back then I was trying to get a balance between the time I spend with my family and the time I spend with my own writing. I remember back at the very beginning of the time I worked with her, I just had a very rough idea of what I wanted to write and I just kept procrastinating each day to get started reading about 80 articles I had already at hand. I remember one strategy she taught me was to not stress myself out by wanting to get all these things done at the same time. Instead, I needed to focus on the 20 most important articles.   


So that’s what I did. And I got to finish my prospectus by the end of September. 

So that’s a big deal for me.  Without her help, I wouldn't be able to do that by now. Kenya is a great teacher to work with and she is also a very warm friend to talk to.  So, if you have similar concerns about your writing or if you have some of your own issues in writing, I encourage you to make an appointment to talk to her. 

Hui Zhang, Doctoral Student,

University of California, Santa Barbara

Signature Program

The Done Dissertation Mentorship Program

Get finished and get on with your life!

The Done Dissertation: Get Results, Get to Graduation and Get a Jump Start on Your Career, is a semester long mentorship program that is essential for graduate students who want to finish their dissertations with sophistication, speed, and joy. 


To apply for this signature program, please click here.

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